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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Very Little To Write About

As the title would imply, I have little to write about. But, I would like to mention the lunar eclipse yesterday, even though I unfortunately didn't get to see the full eclipse. Anyway, in other news, this Israeli woman is claiming to be the oldest in the world, at 120 years. She even has an official D.O.B to back it up, even though it includes not her birthday. It would be pretty neat to be able to ask her about the world back then, huh? If you want to find her online, search the name Miriam Aresh. If you can't find her, add the terms "world's oldest woman", or something.
So, recently, some dirty arsonist burned down part of my sister's school, including her classroom. While the arson itself is very troublesome, what bugs me is that she gets the rest of the week of school. Okay, I'm not so heartless that I don't care that my sister's class is up in ash, but I'm naturally inclined to be jealous of those who get extra days of off school.
Anyway, for all my devoted readers (not very many at all probably), I'll try to begin making this blog look cool, okay?

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