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Monday, March 3, 2008

Does Daylight Savings Time work?

I know that this is a strange thing to talk about at this time a year, but a recent study revealed that Daylight Savings Time doesn't actually work; in fact, it raises utility bills, do to heating and cooling needs. This study was based on Indiana consumers, because until recently, they didn't observe Daylight savings time in Indiana. Honestly, I'm not a fan of DST, as it makes the day end earlier.
On another note, I just returned from a winter retreat with my youth group. We went to the Kalahari waterpark near Sandusky. It was WAY AWESOME!!! One of the rides was a roller-coaster type slide, where two people rode a raft up and down a long slide; whenever the raft went up, there was a ramp along the slide, to push the raft up. There was also a ride where I went down a super-fast chute, which ended with a bowl-type setup, where I slid around a few times before falling through a big hole in the middle. There was also something where I rid on a wave-machine that shot water upwards while sliding downward; while I completely failed the first three times, I did alright the fourth time.
Anyway, I'll be trying to update the blog even more and customize it, and perhaps get more readers.

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