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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter and etcetera

Hey, everyone. About my last post: I wasn't trying to sound preachy or anything at the end, even though I probably did, so I'm sorry about that. As I said, I don't know everything, and I'm not any sort of expert on morals.
Secondly, I'd just like to tell you all to enjoy Easter. One thing I dislike, however, is people who celebrate Christmas and Easter even though they don't acknowledge the real reason for those holidays. The reason isn't candy or Easter dinner; the reason is Jesus. While getting candy and spending time with family is fun, people can sometimes forget the real reason for the holiday. I'm not going to explain all the proofs for the Ressurection on my blog, but for those of you who went to church today, thank you for being at least open to Christianity. If you aren't affluent churchgoers, however, I'd like to challenge you to go to church again the Sunday after Easter, and perhaps actually listening to the sermon. Remember: just because you go to church twice a year doesn't make you a Christian; being a Christian is about having a relationship with God. And since this relationship determines how you will live after death, it's at least something to look into. Is there anyone who has never wondered what will happen after they die? Go to church, and find out.

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pegasusgiraffe said...

Hi Ben!

I like your blog! Very thoughtful and I admire your wide range of blog topics. On a different topic, I just got a copy of a new Christian rock CD -- have you ever heard of "Family Force 5"?