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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Schooooool's Back.. for... AUTUMN!

Forgive me, Alice Cooper, for taking your song title and slaughtering it. The post title, however, is self-explanatory; school's back, and I'm getting bombarded with homework. No, really. Speaking of which, I don't have much time to write this post because I have to get back to homework.
Anyway, about my classes. First hour English hasn't been bad so far, but it'll probably become one of my most challenging classes. Accelerated Analysis has been great so far; all we've done is magic squares, a kind of puzzle. Spanish 2 will be fun, but the teacher acts unnecessarily strict. AP US History is already becoming a problem; after two days of school, I'm already behind on my homework! Health should pretty much be a blow-off class. Finally, Physics sounds interesting, but challenging. The best thing that's come out of a new school year? Becoming a sophomore.

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