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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sick today, School stuff, Sithisaak resurfaces

Try saying that sick title six times fast! Anyway, I mostly have time to post today because I'm sick from school. So, I've been getting too much homework lately. I mean, it's not overwhelming, but it does kind of get on my nerves, as homework always does. The classes with the most would be physics and APUSH (or as I like to call it in my own roundabout fashion, Advanced Placement United States History). Health is pretty easy, I don't get much homework. Spanish 2 and Analysis give me a fair amount of homework, but it's always manageable. Which leaves me with English. English homework isn't that tough, except that I did the wrong homework TWICE so far. And it's only 2.5 weeks into the year!

Also, my friend Sithisaak now has his blog back up and running, so I guess I'll post a link to it. In response to his hating on Palin, I guess I'll start hating on Biden. Except... I KNOW ALMOST NOTHING ABOUT JOE BIDEN! Doesn't it kind of seem that neither the media nor any commercials have said anything about Biden? Somehow, he's flying under the radar, probably because he's rather unremarkable. I mean, he's a white, male, democrat, something all of our democratic presidents have been so far. At least John McCain has the claim to fame of being really old. Joe Biden... is just too normal. Not that normalcy makes for a bad vice president, or anything like that. I just believe that McCain/Palin is the lesser of two evils here.

And about Palin... I won't deny that the marriage of Bristol and whoever the father is was probably a shotgun wedding. However, I think Palin has taken an undeniably firm stance by not wavering in light of this surprising family news. And the best thing Obama has done so far is declare that candidatial families are off-limits, something I agree with (though I won't deny that family impacts a candidate a lot, as in, Hillary Clinton.

So, dinner's ready, and I've got to quit posting for now. Hope to post again soon!

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