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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The World as it is Today

This post is going to be specifically for what I think about what's going on in politics.

Corporate Bailouts! I agree, it is the insurance companies fault that they went into bankruptcy. However, if the U.S. government allows them to go out of business, they will become owned by foreign countries. THIS WILL HAVE A TRICKLING DOWN EFFECT, AND OUR MONEY WILL BE ABSORBED BACK UP! Not only will policy holders LOSE their former policy, but they will also have to get a new, possibly worse policy, with a foreign insurance company. Either direction the U.S. goes, our economic problems will be expounded, but I think the bailout direction is the lesser of two evils here.

Abortion? Sithisaak's dad asked me this on the way back from the Churchill football game last night. It was fun to watch and be there with friends, even though our sucky team got killed 31 - 12 by Plymouth. Anyway, I want to make it clear that I DO NOT support a woman's right to choice. Some have asked why I believe I have the right to say what women can or can not do with their own lives. I agree. I do, however, care when a future member of society, a future human being, is aborted by a selfish women. How can women not have babies? STOP HAVING SEX, DUH!
Even more about abortion? I just want to continue by saying that at the very least, a baby can be viewed as punishment for having extramarital sex, especially if the woman doesn't want a child. If she does, the child can be viewed as a blessing; nevertheless, a child can be seen as a punishment. That's why I support abortion in cases of rape, AND ONLY IN CASES OF RAPE. When a woman is raped, she did not have consentual sex; therefore, her baby can not be viewed as a punishment. In other words, I believe a woman made pregnant through rape should have the option to abort a baby if it would affect her in an undesired way. And as a final reminder, only a few cases of extramarital pregnancy in, say, 10,00, are a result of rape.

Energy crisis! I do support the utilization of alternate energy sources. This is especially true for nuclear power, as tiny nuclear reactions can create an unimaginably immense and untapped amount of energy. Plus, the chance of a nuclear holocaust is highly exaggerated. What about offshore oil drilling? McCain gives his support to it, but Obama refuses. In my opinion, drilling for oil will not only reduce our CRIPPLING DEPENDENCE on foreign oil, but also give us the gasoline needed to bolster our economy. As I see it, producing cheaper gas through offshore drilling will lessen the burden on America's entire working class, not just the upper crust.

Tax cuts for corporations? This is exactly what Michigan needs right now! So many companies, especially American auto makers, are shipping production overseas, in order to avoid America's big taxes. If tax cuts are given only to U.S.-based corporations that keep most of their workers' positions within the United States, I believe the tax cuts can have a positive impact on the entire economy. There's also the thing with labor unions that makes corporations want to leave. At first, the labor union was a good concept, as it helped give employees a salary they could live on and clean working conditions. The problem nowadays is that union workers have such a sense of entitlement, their desire for higher salaries is forcing jobs to move out of the country!
You want my solution? The automakers should pay employees that aren't in the UAW MORE than they pay actual unionites. As a result, most members will split away from the union. Once the UAW has been virtually dissolved in that company, the automaker can gradually reduce salaries until they are at or below what they originally were for union members. There may be some complaints, but with no worker's union, the employees won't be able to lobby for unnecessarily bulky salaries.

Anyway, that's probably enough of a rant for today. Enjoy the weekend, everyone.


~Isaac said...

ok wow....
drilling for oil wont really work at all....
a baby is a punishment now????
tax cuts i believe are good for corps. IF AND ONLY IF that company MAKES EVEYRTHING it uses IN THE USA.

~Isaac said...

oh few mroe things:
your UAW idea is awfull...
and people wont stop having sex, theyll just do their own abortions (baseball bat in the stomach!)