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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Last Post, minor mourning

About my last post... I fear I may have misquoted myself on several points. In my last post, I talked about a baby possibly being punishment. What I meant by that is that I DO NOT believe the baby itself could be viewed as a punishment; rather, if said baby is not wanted or conceived through ill means, then the pregnancy and costs associated with the baby can be, IN SOME CASES, viewed by some as a sort of punishment. HOWEVER: I believe that, in any case, a baby is additionally a life-changing blessing, and that a baby can teach important lessons about responsibility. Therefore, unwanted pregnancy, while in some cases a punishment, is always, in the end, a blessing. Oh, and here's an edit to my original post: the father should be forced to take responsibility for the child as well. He should at least be made to pay child support, and possibly even be made to have partial custody, if he is viewed as responsible enough. Through the use of paternity tests, this may become possible.
Another minor point... my UAW idea was only half-serious, and half a joke. Yet, I feel my statements were not justified enough. In this day and age, I really see no reason for unions. Originally, they were created so that workers could work in safe conditions and receive enough money to live on. With extensive government regulations on workplace quality and payment of workers, however, unions no longer serve a purpose. Ultimately, union members have often (not in all cases, however) become greedy. It is greed that is driving corporations out of the country! And because unions are a way to channel this greed in a legitimate fashion, I believe that tactfully causing them to self-destruct will help keep corporations from outsourcing!

So that's really all I had to say about my last post. What has been happening in my own life? Sadly, my great-grandmother, aged 92 (I think), passed away yesterday afternoon. I feel slightly satisfied, though, that I had the chance to see her one week before her passing. Though she was not a close relative, I knew her and enjoyed spending time with her.

Also, about this blog... I just learned how to change the background and stuff, so I'm experimenting with that. Also, I added a new song to my music video list; the song itself has no official music video, and this was the best video version of it I found on YouTube. It's "Burn For You", one of my favorite songs by tobyMac, a Christian rap/hip-hop artist. I think it's worth a listen.

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