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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My dissapearance for a month, Explained

It was homework. WAY too much homework. The "makes-you-stay-up-until-past-midnight" kind of homework.

Anyway, a rundown of things that I've been up to:
Physics Class: my bridge sucks, only holds 4 kg out of a necessary five. lots of easy tests
Quiz Bowl: have a competition with a bunch of other schools. get pøwned in the first two rounds. just barely win the last round (which, I might add, was our team of five against their team of two).
English: read the scarlet letter. had to write an essay. now, have to write a research paper.
Math: preschool kids came in trick or treating. very cute.
APUSH: study guides. tests. nationalism project. still waiting for midterm.
Health: watch Supersize Me, awesome documentary. have to record what I eat.
This blog: refuse to write in complete sentences.

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