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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On the Dawn of the Election

Hey, everyone. Now that I've given you a blog just about my blog, I need to make one more politipost regarding the election. Barack Obama is really the projected winner, and doesn't have to do much to win, other than keeping states of 5 percent support or less on his side. BUT! John McCain has just recently edged out Obama's lead in Missouri, Indiana, and North Carolina.
List of grievances against Obama:
- He negotiates with terrorists, such as Iran's Abedinijab
- He wants to add to our debt by cutting the middle class' taxes
- He's going to drive away big business, with his tax increases
- He went to the church of Jeremiah Wright, he lived as a Muslim in Indonesia, and he talked about the "52 states of America", an accidental reference to the Qu'ran. Do we know what he actually believes?
- He votes down the party line 97% of the time, even more often than John McCain sides with Bush. With Nancy Pelosi at his side in Congress, the Democrats will be able to do anything and everything.
- He supports abortion in any situation, which is an outright denial of our Constitutional right to life. He even supported a hospital that left babies to die after a failed partial-birth abortion.

These are the reasons my family refuses to vote for Obama (no, I'm not quite old enough to vote yet). Everyone, remember this: your vote counts. Whether you're voting for McCain in Michigan or Obama in Texas, remember to give your candidate a chance. I'll see you all again after the election.


~Isaac said...

u act like complete control of the congress by dems is bad!
OBAMA '08!
hes got it
he picked up ohio, and as long as he gets the west coast, which dems always do, hell win
that, AND he picked up new mexico, and probally floridia, but dunno right now

~Isaac said...

and iowa. just in

pegasusgiraffe said...

Hey Ben - that's great you are staying informed & involved, and can celebrate democracy on both sides. You'll be able to vote in the next presidential election, right?