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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Posting Out of a Lack of Homework

For anyone wondering why I decide to post just now, the title is self-explanatory. Not much going on... things have quieted down since the election. My birthday was great; my parents bought me Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii. I'd better add it to my top video games list, which exists somewhere on this blog. I've already gotten over halfway through, in just three weeks. Thanksgiving was cool, too. Standard invite-the-grandparents over kind of deal. I got an extra day off from school (Wednesday) for Thanksgiving this year, so that was cool.
In school... things are going pretty normal. In English, we had to do presentations on our written papers. Mine was about how English is spreading across the world. I don't care enough about my topic, however, to argue it on my blog. In History, we split into groups and created Podcasts, or sound files, about life in Antebellum. My group was cool, but some of its members got hotheaded and abusive at times. Group situations can be tense, though. In health, the hilariously stereotypical black kid sitting behind me has got suspended a couple times, so class is much quieter. My school did our can drive just last week... on the last day alone, we collected over 50% of our goal of 42,009. That's over 20,000 cans in one day! I think someone just fudged the numbers... multiplied everything by a scale of ten, maybe?
Not too much else has been up... I'll post if something interesting happens, but frankly, I'm kind of getting bored with this blog. Ah well.

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