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I'd just like to say "thank you" to everyone who bothered spending the time to type in my enormous URL. Enjoy the site!

Monday, February 16, 2009

First post of the New Year

Yep, I know it's really overdue and all, but I'm posting just the same. I don't have the election to talk about any more, so what is there to rant about?

This has been an interesting season for plane travel. One was saved when the pilot flew into the Hudson. But if you haven't heard that, you must live under a rock. Kudos belong to the pilot, though; it takes fortitude to act that igenuiously under so much pressure. That last sentence was really evidence that I'm a nerd, and if you can understand it, so are you. Then there was the other plane that crash landed. It's a shame, but imagine that a behomoth of a machine, such as the passenger plane, can be taken down by one little error. The devil really is in the details...

Then there was the inauguration... I thought it was hilarious how the supreme court justice managed to flub his lines for Obama's inauguration. But seriously, folks, the star that day was Aretha's hat. That hat is the reason Obama's stalling the closing of Guantanamo: he plans to send the hat there to torture it for showing him up. And we all know it deserves death...

And has anyone heard about the new Lions coach, whatshisname? He's in a winning position; next season, the Lions literally can't do any worse. And don't get me started on the Lions... they've relegated themselves to a place of eternal shame in the NFL. Why not just move all the Michigan state players into the NFL and all the Lions players into the NCAA. At least, then, the scales will be balanced.

Well, that's all I've got to go on about. I might post again sometime... but I might not.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Posting Out of a Lack of Homework

For anyone wondering why I decide to post just now, the title is self-explanatory. Not much going on... things have quieted down since the election. My birthday was great; my parents bought me Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii. I'd better add it to my top video games list, which exists somewhere on this blog. I've already gotten over halfway through, in just three weeks. Thanksgiving was cool, too. Standard invite-the-grandparents over kind of deal. I got an extra day off from school (Wednesday) for Thanksgiving this year, so that was cool.
In school... things are going pretty normal. In English, we had to do presentations on our written papers. Mine was about how English is spreading across the world. I don't care enough about my topic, however, to argue it on my blog. In History, we split into groups and created Podcasts, or sound files, about life in Antebellum. My group was cool, but some of its members got hotheaded and abusive at times. Group situations can be tense, though. In health, the hilariously stereotypical black kid sitting behind me has got suspended a couple times, so class is much quieter. My school did our can drive just last week... on the last day alone, we collected over 50% of our goal of 42,009. That's over 20,000 cans in one day! I think someone just fudged the numbers... multiplied everything by a scale of ten, maybe?
Not too much else has been up... I'll post if something interesting happens, but frankly, I'm kind of getting bored with this blog. Ah well.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Acceptance of Defeat, and research paper

Well, McCain lost. Obama won. I guess the best thing for a conservative blogger to do right now would be to accept defeat, and wish God's guidance for the new president-elect. Because, I've learned, political anger is unhealthy and godless. If I really want to reach people, in any way, I must back my argument up with facts. This is true both in political and spiritual issues.
And yet, my home city of Livonia remains Republican. Both our state house representative and our US house representative are conservatively minded. Another fortune for the nearby city of Detroit: the removal of Kwame Kilpatrick. Hopefully, Mayor Cockerel will take the city out of its parabolic descent, and at least reach a vertex.
In my own life... I have to write a persuasive research paper for English. My subject is the Globalization of English. The hardest part of the paper? Definitely, MLA citations. Next to impossible to do perfectly. Plus, I can't find all the information I need for each citation. So, that's a drag. Also, in Spanish, we have to sing this really dumb song. If a Spanish speaker saw it, it would be labeled as dry and meaningless. The tune isn't terrible, just the lyrics.
Anyway, thank you all for checking out my blog. I've removed the presidential and vice presidential polls, just as the tv stations have removed all traces of political ads (finally!) Have a great weekend, everyone out there.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

On the Dawn of the Election

Hey, everyone. Now that I've given you a blog just about my blog, I need to make one more politipost regarding the election. Barack Obama is really the projected winner, and doesn't have to do much to win, other than keeping states of 5 percent support or less on his side. BUT! John McCain has just recently edged out Obama's lead in Missouri, Indiana, and North Carolina.
List of grievances against Obama:
- He negotiates with terrorists, such as Iran's Abedinijab
- He wants to add to our debt by cutting the middle class' taxes
- He's going to drive away big business, with his tax increases
- He went to the church of Jeremiah Wright, he lived as a Muslim in Indonesia, and he talked about the "52 states of America", an accidental reference to the Qu'ran. Do we know what he actually believes?
- He votes down the party line 97% of the time, even more often than John McCain sides with Bush. With Nancy Pelosi at his side in Congress, the Democrats will be able to do anything and everything.
- He supports abortion in any situation, which is an outright denial of our Constitutional right to life. He even supported a hospital that left babies to die after a failed partial-birth abortion.

These are the reasons my family refuses to vote for Obama (no, I'm not quite old enough to vote yet). Everyone, remember this: your vote counts. Whether you're voting for McCain in Michigan or Obama in Texas, remember to give your candidate a chance. I'll see you all again after the election.

My dissapearance for a month, Explained

It was homework. WAY too much homework. The "makes-you-stay-up-until-past-midnight" kind of homework.

Anyway, a rundown of things that I've been up to:
Physics Class: my bridge sucks, only holds 4 kg out of a necessary five. lots of easy tests
Quiz Bowl: have a competition with a bunch of other schools. get pøwned in the first two rounds. just barely win the last round (which, I might add, was our team of five against their team of two).
English: read the scarlet letter. had to write an essay. now, have to write a research paper.
Math: preschool kids came in trick or treating. very cute.
APUSH: study guides. tests. nationalism project. still waiting for midterm.
Health: watch Supersize Me, awesome documentary. have to record what I eat.
This blog: refuse to write in complete sentences.