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Monday, August 18, 2008

Lazy Summer

I haven't posted all summer...
I'd basically given up on this blog...
SO! What's been up this summer? Well, in July, my family went on a trip to California for my uncle's "commitment ceremony", as it was called. Basically, it was very much like a wedding, but totally unofficial. Uncle Jeff got commited to now-Aunt Bonnie; they're both very nice people, some of the only people who bother to check out this blog. As for the trip there... it was by car, not by plane, so we got a lot of pictures on the way. I'm gonna be posting some of them on the side of this page after I finish this post. My favorite place to see was Yellowstone; it was mountainous, it had diverse wildlife, and I got to see the geysers (awesome geological miracles).
What else has been up? I have to do summer homework :^<. For English, I read Fahrenheit 451 (a great American book by any standards), and wrote a long summary of it. I also have to do study guides for APUSH next year, which isn't as difficult. I still have to finish it, and I have until September 3rd, when I officially become a sophomore!
Anyway, in the Olympics news... I saw Michael Phelps manage to get an eigth gold medal (I thought he was biting off more than he could chew... but he chewed it!). Anyway, I don't know/can't tell if the Chinese gymnasts really are too young, just because I've never been to China. Frankly, I don't care, because the U.S. is still successful in almost every sport. Also, it looks like China's greatest runner strained a tendon, so he had to quit. Also, Jamaica's women got ALL THREE MEDALS in one sprinting competition (Americans got 4th, 7th, and last).
In political news... it looks like it's between Obama and McCain, unless Hillary goes through with a possible coup at the democratic national convention (I'm not expecting it, but I'd rather have Hillary than Obama). Anyway, I hope that McCain chooses Romney as a running mate (I wish Romney never dropped out of the race... I definitely preferred him to McCain). Also, you've probably heard about Kwame Kilpatrick, mayor of nearby Detroit. He's already been in jail twice... I cannot believe he hasn't left office yet. Even if he claims he's doing all he can for the city of Detroit, the best thing he can do is step down, if he wants to regain the mangled thing he calls dedication to the city. At the very least, he'll be out of office by the end of the 2009 mayoral election.
I've been on a few camping trips this summer; the most recent was to Pokagon state park, in northeastern Indiana. If you love biking and hiking, this is an awesome place for both. Not only is there a network of hiking trails, but each campground loop offers hills and dips that any leisurely cyclist will enjoy. Additionally, the park features an artesian well, which springs delicious water. Before that, I went to Sleeper State Park on the tip of Michigan's thumb. It's small and offers few hiking options, but it has a nice beach. Lake Huron has waves small enough for simply drifting, and its water isn't too cold for comfort. But even before the California trip, me, the family, and some friends of ours camped in Ohio's Hocking Hills State Park. In my opinion, it's like nature's own wonderland. If you like waterfalls, rapids, cliffs, enormous rock recesses, and even something of an open-air cave, you'll love Hocking Hills. It was a bit distant for us, but worth the trip.
Anyway, that's pretty much all that's been up. With this post, I now declare a REVIVAL OF MY BLOG!